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NEW TECHNOLOGIES, from the Walkman to the iPhone, have tended to be 澧县气候,双语阅览|美国退休人员成为自动驾驶车的目标群体,龙芯adopted first by the young. But when it comes to self-driving cars, the most logical early adopters are the retired. That, at least, is the conclusion reached by Voyage, a startup based in Silicon Valley. It is testing its autonomous vehicles (AVs) in The Villages, a retirement community in Florida with a population of 125,000 people. Retirement towns are ideally suited to AVs for th西安市长安区气候预报ree reasons, says Oliver Cameron, Voyage’s CEO.

从Walkman到iPh澧县气候,双语阅览|美国退休人员成为自动驾驶车的目标群体,龙芯one,新技能往往最早取得年青人运用。不过,关于自动驾驶轿车而方,最抱负的前期运用者却便是退休人士。这至少是由硅谷创业公司Voyage得出的定论。在佛罗里达州有为125,000人的退休社区The Villages,该公司正在测验其自动驾驶轿车(AVs)。 Voyage首席执行官奥利弗•卡梅隆(Oliver Cameron)表明,退休人群寓居的乡镇是自动驾驶的抱负地址,原因有三个。

First, the e付彦臣nvironment is simpler and easier for an AV to navigate than a bustling city centre. Speed limits are lower, road layouts are l蔡国华窝案ess 陆一旗complex and there are fewer other vehicles. Second, there is strong demand for mobility. Active retirees want the ability to gestepsistert around but they may not want the expense and hassle of owning a car. For residents who are unable or have lost the confidence to drive, summoning a vehicle when needed has ob米仓穗香vious appeal. Prototype AVs have attracted criticism and outright hostility from locals in some parts of America. Voyage has been warmly welcomed in The Villages, says Mr Cameron.

首要,自动驾驶车的环境明氏优然清比繁忙的市中心更简略,更简略导航。 车速约束较低,路途布局不杂乱,其他车辆较少。其次,对移动性的需求很大。活动多的退休人员期望能够出行,但他们或许不想要养车的费用和费事。 关于无法或没有开车主意的居民,在需求时呼唤车辆具有显着的吸引力。自动驾驶车的原型车在美国某些区域引起了当地人的批判和完全的歹意。 卡梅伦表明,Voyage公司在The Vill澧县气候,双语阅览|美国退休人员成为自动驾驶车的目标群体,龙芯ages受到了火热的欢迎。

Third, there is a clear road to a large market. The Villages is America’s largest retirement community and one of the fastest-growing residential areas in the country. “We expect it to be the first city in the world to adopt AVs as the primary means of transport,” sa澧县气候,双语阅览|美国退休人员成为自动驾驶车的目标群体,龙芯ys Mr Cameron. The number of such communities is growing fast as America ages.

第三,通往大规模商场的方法很清晰。The Village是美国最大的退休人员社区,也是美国增长速度展最快的寓居区域之一。 “咱们期望它成为世界上第一个选用自动驾驶车作为首要交通工具的城市,”卡梅伦说道。 跟着美国的爸爸哥哥不要老龄化,这一类社区数量正在快速增长。

There are other 驭奴reasons why retirement communities and AVs fit together neatly. People generally prefer to retire to warm, sunny regions, so there is little risk of snow confusing an AV’s sensors. Because the roads are private property, there are fewer reporting requirements on AV operators and the regulatory situation is much simpler. And because everyone is retired, demand for rides is consistent throughout the day, which should make it easier to handle peaks without the need for a large fleet.


Voyage is now operating six prototype AVs in The V苏德牧仁illages, with safety drivers on board for the time being to monitor performance and handle unexpected situations. It is also testing in a retirement community in San Jose. As pa尹国驹采访全程视频rt of its deal to become the exclusive provider of AV services in these places, Voyag混沌天地诀e granted a 0.5% stake in the firm to the owners of the two communities. That helps align incentives, says Mr Cameron. The final pricing model has yet to be decided. But he favour澧县气候,双语阅览|美国退休人员成为自动驾驶车的目标群体,龙芯s monthly contracts covering a certain number of trips (just as mobile-phone plans provide set amounts of calls 武英热油泵and data).

Voyage公司现在在The王杰的老婆 Villages有六辆自动驾驶原型车,车里都安全驾驶员实时监控车辆功能,处理意外状况。该公司也还在圣何塞的退休人员社区做测验。作为在这些当地成为自动驾驶车辆效劳独家供给商的协议内容之一,Voyage公司向该两个社区的一切者颁发了该公司0.5%的股份。卡梅伦表明,这有助于调整激励机制。终究的定价模型没有确认,不过他拥护包括必定数量出行的月度合同(正如强取豪夺之兄弟纠缠移动电话方案供给必定数量的呼叫和数据)。

Repl高占武导弹acing car ownership for the aged may be easier than providing ride-sharing for young urbanites. “The state of the art in AVs is not ready for downtown San Francisco,” says Mr Cameron. A 93-year-old woman who rode in one of Voyag王小羽e’s cars told him that she recalls travelling in a horse-drawn cab as a young girl. In old age, some people retreat into their p天使要造反ast. But some Americans in retirement may already be living in the future.

代替老年人自有轿车保有量或许比为年青的都市人提何亚兵供搭车同享更简略一些。 “旧金山市中心没有准备好自动驾驶轿车中最早进的技能,”卡梅伦说道。一名乘坐Voyage轿车之一的93岁女子通知他,她回忆起年青女孩乘坐马车。在晚年,有些人回到曩昔,而是一些退休美国人或许已生活在未来。













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